Ladder Stitch to Attach Parts

Here is my mini tutorial for ladder stitching something onto your softie. I am using Rudy as a demo but of course this is applicable for any attachments such as arms, saddles, etc.

Here is my Rudy with one antler but waiting very patiently for his next one!

Stuff your antler, ensuring that you turn in the raw ends before reaching the end of your stuffing. It is extremely important that you stuff both your Rudy and your Antler very firmly or you may end up with floppy antlers. Once you have turned in the ends (pictured) then firmly stuff the remaining section of the antler until you reach the opening.

Take your horn and using the same method as from last tutorial, create a knot on the folded edge.

Now position your horn in the desired location on Rudy's head and take the first stitch into the head.

Ladder stitch the horn into place as you ladder stitched closed the turning gap (from last tutorial). Take your next small stitch into the horn base (folded under edge) entering the horn at your point of exit from the head.

Continue around the horn. It is extremely important that you are following the circle of the horn base as you stitch it onto the head.

Unlike with ladder stitching the opening, I suggest that you pull your thread and stitches tight after every stitch along the way. Once you have gone completely around the horn I recommend going around a second time for strength. Once complete, tie a knot close to the base of your thread.

And then sink the knot into Rudy's head!

It is pretty much the same method for sewing on something flat, such as an ear but I will quickly show this also. Here is my sewn, turned and pressed Rudy ear.

Sew a small knot into the end of the bottom edge as per previous tutorial.

Then sew a row of medium running stitch along the bottom edge. Once you reach the end, move the fabric along your stitches to hand gather the bottom edge.

Once fully gathered tie a single knot at the end to secure.

Lay the ear against the head of your rudy in the position you want it sewn. Now ladder stitch the front bottom edge of the ear to the head.

Once you have sewn the front edge to Rudy's ear, lay the ear down the opposite way and sew along the back edge of the ear so that the ear is securely attached and will stand up straight. Tie and sink a knot and - Ta-da!

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