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Panel Book

With my latest fabric collection, "Teddy Bear's Picnic" there is an awesome quilt panel that can be made into a very cute cot quilt and matching teddy. The perfect gift to whip up for a new baby in your life.

But if you are not a "quilt person" here is the perfect tutorial to turn your panel into a cute cloth book. Pair this up with the matching teddy and you have the perfect gift set! Simply follow the steps below to make your own. If you want to grab a panel check with your favourite Melly & me stockist or you can grab one in the shop.

1. Take your panel and cut away the teddy bear toy section. Pop this aside for later.

2. Press the panel well.

3. Start cutting all of your pages out by cutting exactly half way between each quilt block. Make sure there is equal "white space" around all sides of each block.

4. Continue until you have cut out all 9 pages evenly.

5. Cut a fabric square of the same size to be the book's back cover.

6. Cut 5 pieces of lightweight fusible fleece that are 1/2" smaller in height and width than your pages . Please note that the fleece will add a lot of bulk to your book spine. If your machine has trouble getting through very thick sewing then please substitute the fleece for a much thinner interfacing. If using fleece like I have, make sure it is very thin and lightweight.

7. Fuse the fleece to the centre of the wrong side of 5 of your pages. I chose the five pages with the same border colouring, including the bunting cover. (please note your interfacing will be 1/4" smaller around all edges than shown in this image)

8. Place your cover page (with interfacing) and your 2nd page (without interfacing) on top of each other, right sides together. With the interfaced side facing up, pin along the top, bottom and left had edges. (please note your interfacing will be 1/4" smaller around all edges than shown in this image)

9. Sew along the 3 pinned edges with a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving the unpinned edge open. (please note your interfacing will be 1/4" smaller around all edges than shown in this image)

10. Snip the 2 sewn corners. (please note your interfacing will be 1/4" smaller around all edges than shown in this image)

11. Turn right side out.

12. Press well.

13. Repeat steps 8 - 12 until all pages are complete.

14. Line up the sewn ends of your pages neatly in the order you prefer.

15. Pin together along the spine so the pages stay in place.

16. Machine tack the pages together at the spine. If you have a walking foot I recommend you use this now. Also please ensure you use a needle that suits the thickness (a size 100 needle would be great)

17. Cut a piece of fabric for your spine binding measuring 2 1/2" x 12".

18. Fold the raw edges of the strip in towards the centre. Press well.

19. Fold the whole strip in half, right side out so that you enclose the raw edges. Press.

20. Open up one end of your binding strip. Fold in the raw end by 1/4" press and then refold the binding in place. Press again. Repeat on the other side of your strip.

21. Open out one long edge of your binding and lay this against the raw edge of your book spine. Pin in place. Your binding will be slightly longer than the spine and this is intentional - make sure you centre it so that there is equal excess binding at either side.

22. Sew the binding on to the book's spine by sewing along the first crease line. If you are having trouble getting through the thickness, change to a larger sewing machine needle.

23. Fold the binding over to the back of the book (much like you would bind a quilt) and clip or pin in place.

24. Ladder stitch the folded binding edge to the back of the book's spine so that it just covers your line of machine stitches.

25. When you get to the ends you are going to sew the two neat edges together to cover the end of the spine.

26. Until your end is nice and neat.

Enjoy your book! xx Melly

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