Always Flowers Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial for putting together your "Always Flowers" embroidery frames.

The steps below are the same as your pattern, however they also include photos of each step. I do hope this helps you in completing your gorgeous creations. xx

Take your largest embroidery (please note that for this tutorial I am using a fussy cut piece of fabric rather than an embroidery) and the largest set of frame hardware. Each set of hardware includes the black perspex frame, a thinner wooden frame, a cardboard insert piece, and a final cardboard backing piece which has 2 small holes.

Due to light weight, the frames can be hung using blue-tac or other household temporary adhesion products. Alternatively you can hang from a nail.

If you wish to hang from a nail, take a length of strong string and thread this through the 2 holes in the cardboard backing piece. Tie the ends securely on the wrong side of the cardboard backing, ensuring there is enough slack for hanging but not too much that the string will be visible from the front.

Peel off the protective coating from one side of your black perspex frame. Take your thinner wood frame and apply super glue to one side of this only. Stick this, glue side down, onto the exposed side of your black perspex frame, ensuring that the inside edges are all neatly and evenly aligned. Allow to dry and adhere completely.

Take your embroidery and a very long length of double polyester thread. Using this thread, take medium sized running stitches all the way around the outer edge of the stitchery panel. Once you reach the end, pull up the thread to gather your stitches a little. Place the cardboard insert evenly behind the stitchery and then pull up the rest of your gathers tightly around this, adjusting as required to ensure an even result. Tie a knot to secure your gathers.

Now take another very long double length of your polyester thread and use this to tighten the embroidery evenly around the insert. To do this, take a stitch in one side edge of the gathered back and then into the opposite side of the gathered back, pulling tight and pulling the two sides together much like shoe laces. Continue along the side edges, then the top edges, and if your embroidery needs it, also from corner to corner.

Once happy with the placement and tautness, place the embroidery/insert inside the frame. Take your cardboard backing piece and place glue on the wrong side of this, around the very edges as well as through the middle and on the knot of your hanging string (if applicable). Place the backing plate onto the back of your frame and ensure that everything is fitting together neatly and evenly.

Hold your frame together tightly until it adheres, or ideally place clips around the edges of your frame to hold it together while it adheres. Repeat with your remaining embroideries and hardware. Hang and enjoy!

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