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Today I thought I would go back to basics a little as a few people have been asking how I stuff my softies so firmly. I think that this all comes down to the equipment that you use so I thought I would share a few tips to get a firmly stuffed toy...

The first tip is repeating myself but maybe through the repeating it will capture some new readers. The first rule of a strong and firm softie is to always use good quality polyester thread. It is really important that you throw out the patchwork rules and take that cotton out of your machine whenever you start a softie. Polyester thread is much stronger than cotton and will make your seams able to handle the strain of heavy stuffing. The second tip on your stitches is to always set your machine to a small stitch of approx 1 - 1.5. This again creates a stronger seam, makes the stitches less visible and creates a better end result.

Another piece of equipment that is very important is your actual stuffing. There is a big variance in the quality of polyester stuffings that are available. Unfortunately one of the most available brands that is found in chain stores throughout Australia is very poor. If you have been using this stuffing then you are probably getting lumps in your softies and getting a result that you are not happy with. We buy our stuffing from a pillow factory as the quality is far superior and we need to buy in bulk but I have heard on the grape vine that Birch makes a good stuffing. If any of you have any other brands you can recommend then please let me know so I can share it with everyone. To help you in your search for the perfect stuffing, here is a little trick. Grab a wad of the stuffing and roll it together into a ball in your hands. If the stuffing remains in the ball you have made, with no spring back, then it is a poor stuffing and will create lumps in your work. If the stuffing ball springs back then you know this is a great stuffing that will fill the space effectively without lumps.

The next piece of equipment that I wanted to share with you is our home made stuffing tool. I have already shared the wooden skewer with you on another Tutorial for all of your tiny pieces but this next tool is the all purpose super stuffing tool!! Go to your local craft store and buy a cheap round wooden paint brush like this.

The cost is under $2.00 so they certainly wont break the bank. This becomes a great double sided stuffing tool.  The smooth round end of the wooden brush is used at the perfect tool for turning your softie pieces and pushing all of the seams out smoothly.

The bristle end then becomes the perfect stuffing tool with a little modification. Grap some scissors (of course, don't be like me and use your sewing scissors so you have to buy a new pair!!!) and trim the paintbrush bristles to between a quarter and half inch. No need to be neat.

Play with the remaining bristles for a while with your fingers and by rubbing them against a hard surface until you have messied them up really well.

It should now look nice and shaggy like this

This shaggy end is now the perfect stuffing tool.  The reason that this tool is so helpful is that the shaggy bristles grip on to your stuffing.

This allows you to easily maneuver the stuffing into your toy and to keep shoving it in right to the ends until it is super firm. When you place a piece of stuffing in with this tool the stuffing will stay with your tool so that you can get it right to the location that you want it to go.

The last tip is to just keep on stuffing!!! A lot of people are scared of stuffing too much and of breaking the seams, but if you have followed all of the tips above and your machine tension is correct then there should be little fear of breakage. Make sure that you support the area you are stuffing with one hand, while stuffing with the other and then keep shoving it in for as long as it will fit.  If you have stuffed some sections less that others, you should still be able to maneuver stuffing to those places with your trusty tool.

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