Turn your Panel into Bunting

With my latest fabric collection, "Teddy Bear's Picnic" there is an awesome quilt panel that can be made into a very cute cot quilt and matching teddy. The perfect gift to whip up for a new baby in your life.

if you are not a "quilt person" here is the perfect tutorial to turn your panel into a cute string of bunting. Pair this up with the matching teddy and you have the perfect gift set! Simply follow the steps below to make your own. If you want to grab a panel check with your favourite Melly & me stockist or you can grab one in the shop.

1. Take your panel and cut away the teddy bear toy section. Pop this aside for later.

2. Press the panel well.

3. Cut each quilt panel out to create your bunting shapes. You could go smaller or larger but I chose to cut 1/4" outside the first row of triangles on the left, right and bottom edges. And then 1/4" outside the second row of triangles on the top (see next image).

4. The completed shape. Cut out each block in the same way.

5. Cut 9 pieces of lightweight fusible fleece and 9 pieces of backing fabric to the same size.

6. Fuse a piece of fleece to each main bunting piece.

7. Place an interfaced main bunting piece and a backing piece on top of each other, right sides together. Pin along the side and bottom edges.

8. With the pieces pined together neatly, trim the bottom two corners into slight curves.

9. Now sew the bunting along the side and bottom edges wth a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving the top edge open.

10. Turn right side out and press well. (excuse atrocious photo!)

11. Repeat to create all 9 of your bunting pieces.

12. Take a 4 metre (4 yard) length of pre-made 1" bias tape or make your own. Fold the bias tape in half, right sides out and press in place.

13. Decide on your bunting order and then pin the bunting flags into the fold of your bias tape starting from the centre flag out. I chose to leave a 1 1/2" gap between each flag but you can make them closer or further apart as desired.

14. Start at one end of your bias tape and start sewing it together 1/8" from the loose edges. Continue to sew along the bias length capturing the bunting flags in your sewing as you go.

15. Until you have your complete bunting!

16. Hang on the wall and enjoy! xx Melly

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