Turning Small Parts

Mrs Perkins' horns and other small parts can be tricky to turn and I often hear of people having piles of frayed horns after attempting again and again to turn the little fiddly pieces.  I actually find it quite easy to turn the horns with just the use of a wooden skewer, but this has come with practice and re-use.  This trick that I am about to show you is fool proof and so quick, some of you will give big sighs of relief, I am sure!

Firstly, the sewing foundations need to be right to get the desired result.  With all small and fiddly bits you would be sewing on the traced line as this gives you much greater control as you work with a larger piece of fabric. We recommend that you always use a small stitch of 1 - 1.5 when sewing any parts that are to be stuffed.  It is also a big help to always use polyester thread for softies due to the added strength.  Cotton thread will break easily and may not be able to handle the strain of firm stuffing.

Once you have sewn your small shape, cut it out approx 1/8" outside the sewn line.

The next step is to grab yourself a drinking straw.  I suggest getting one that is a little sturdier that your "bulk pack" variety. The ones that you get from fast food stores or a re-usable plastic straw would be perfect.

Take your horn between your two fingers and twist the fabric against itself to open it up.

And then slide the horn over the end of your straw.

Now you need to get your second tool (an essential tool for softie making!!) which is a standard wooden skewer - the type you find in your supermarket for skewering meat.  Making sure that you are using the flat end of your skewer, push the sewn end of the horn into the straw opening.

Keep pushing the horn into and through the straw so that it is turning the horn right side out.

Continue pushing the horn through to the other end of the straw....

And Voila!!!  A perfect turned horn - without the sweat and tears!!!

And while you are equipped with your wooden skewer, it is the perfect tool to stuff your horn as well!

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